Concierge Medicine

Dr. Varveris gives you the personal attention you deserve when managing your healthcare. Our concierge medicine practice can handle all your primary care needs, annual physical exams, and administer lab tests, as well as provide some minor urgent care services or specialized treatment. Unlike functional or homeopathic medicine, concierge medicine is a membership-based program that anyone can enroll in by paying the annual fee. However, membership is limited to ensure each appointment takes as long as it needs to address all your medical concerns. You won’t be rushed in and out of an office or have to sit in a waiting room.

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Concierge Medical Practice

Get Quality Care with Concierge Medicine in Naples

Medical care is often challenging to coordinate. You may have a medical concern but can’t get an appointment for days or weeks. Concierge medicine is making it convenient to receive prompt medical care. Michael P. Varveris, M.D. is a concierge doctor in Naples, providing same-and next-day appointments to help individuals get necessary care fast. We can handle primary care, annual exams, urgent care, and specialized treatment needs.

You Deserve Fast Access to a Physician

Our concierge medical practice in Naples believes everyone deserves fast access to their physician. Our concierge medicine specialist is always available to help with concerns, answering calls at all hours of the day. You will have 24/7 access via call or text for non-emergency situations, along with your doctor’s undivided attention, same-day or next-day appointments, and more. Our concierge physician aims to meet your medical needs, whatever they may be. We focus on wellness and disease prevention while providing comprehensive primary care services with personalized, specialized concierge care.
Concierge Physician
Concierge Medical Care Solution

A Better Medical Care Solution

Concierge medicine in Naples is a better way to get the necessary health care services. Our concierge doctor will spend as long as you need at each appointment, discussing your concerns and answering questions to give you confidence in your medical care. We treat our patients as individuals, ensuring you feel comfortable with your care level. Whether you need a primary care physician or specialized care, our concierge doctor offers the best solutions to manage your well-being.

Benefits of Concierge medicine

Beyond quick access to your medical provider, extra-long appointments are one of the great benefits of concierge medicine. Dedicating the necessary time gives your physician all the time necessary to listen to your concerns, answer all your questions, and fully evaluate your health needs.

Dr. Varveris has extensive experience in preventative care to get your body to optimal health. In addition to prevention, we focus on the full range of acute and chronic health care problems, including common acute illnesses as well as chronic disease states like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

  • 24/7 access for non-emergency issues by phone or text
  • Virtual appointments when you can’t make it to the office
  • Appointments lasting up to an hour (or more) as needed
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Same-day or next-day office visits
  • Annual executive-style physicals
  • Out-of-network services
  • Additional services that aren’t covered by your insurance carrier
Concierge Medicine