Testosterone Replacement

Men — and women — need healthy levels of testosterone

Testosterone is a crucially important hormone, both for men as well as for women. Men and women need healthy levels of testosterone (not too low, but also not too high). Testosterone replacement treatments can help maintain a healthy level.
Now, obviously testosterone, being a “male” hormone is more important for men, just like estradiol and progesterone, being “female” hormones, are more important for women.
Healthy levels are important for every single cell in our bodies. They help our cells to function appropriately, to make what they need to make, to fix what they need to fix, to do what they to do.
If testosterone levels are sub-optimal, you need to find out the true underlying cause. Like everything else, the first thing to do is work on appropriate behavior (proper eating, sufficient daily physical activity and exercise, living a happy, hopeful, purposeful life). 
If this doesn’t work, the next to do is work on micro-nutrition, making sure vitamins and minerals are appropriate.

If this doesn’t work, adding testosterone replacement may be appropriate. But, this MUST be done correctly, the right form of testosterone, the correct amount of testosterone. The doctor MUST know what he or she is doing, and sadly most doctors do NOT know what they are doing regarding testosterone replacement. 

You need to find a doctor who understands this subject like the back of their hand. I can promise you that I only focus on those things I have a high degree of expertise in, and I DO have a high degree of expertise in testosterone replacement.
Testosterone Replacement

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Main Benefits

Testosterone levels usually peak during adolescence and early adulthood. Then, as we age, the level gradually declines starting at about after age 30 or 40. Although it’s normal for older adults to experience low levels, your doctor can determine if it’s part of the normal aging process or if there is another cause. This helps ensure proper treatment. It’s important to make sure your levels aren’t too low or too high.

Why are your levels so important? It helps maintain:

  • Bone growth and health
  • Fat distribution
  • Muscle strength and mass
  • Facial and body hair
  • Red blood cell production
  • Sex drive